What are the different options for underfloor heating?

Electric Underfloor Heating System

  • Suitable for areas less than 22m², but compatible with all sizes
  • Ideal for single rooms and whole house systems
  • Does not alter floor levels
  • Perfect for a low build renovation system
  • Cost-effective way to bring comfort

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Hydronic Underfloor Heating System

  • Suitable for large zones over 22m², but compatible with all sizes
  • Ideal for whole house systems and single room systems
  • Compatible with most existing heating systems
  • Great for new builds, can also can be retrofitted
  • Highly efficient system saving you money in the long run

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Which of our solutions should you choose? Make the right decision by taking a look at the specifications for our electrical underfloor heating mats (aluminium or cable) and thermostats.

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Floor Covering

Our electrical underfloor heating solution is compatible with a range of different floor types.

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From whether you should install insulation under your electric mat to what your Uponor guarantee covers, our FAQ section provides answers to your questions.

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