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Do I need insulation under my electric mat?

Insulation is recommended below all electric UFH systems to increase effciencey of the system, however it is a requirement to fit the Comfort E insulation boards under the Alufoil system as this reduces not only thermal losses but also step noise and stops damage to the system.

What floor can I install over electric UFH?

Most floor coverings can be used over the Comfort E System. For further information on this topic, please refer to the Floor Coverings section.

Can I lay levelling compound on top of the mat?

If you are using our cable mat system, a levelling compound can be used on top. Before using the compound, please ensure it is suitable for electric underfloor heating.

Our foil mat system, on the other hand, should not be screeded on top.

Can I lay my laminate directly on top of the foil mat system?

Yes. Our foil mat system is designed to have dry wood flooring installed directly on top, making it the thinnest solution to install. However, installation of the insulation board is required.

Do I need to use the floor sensor provided?

Yes. It is a requirement within the standards for underfloor heating floor surface to remain under 29°C. For wooden floors and, with some vinyl surfaces, it should not exceed 27°C. The floor sensor has to be properly fitted and programmed using the thermostat. Anything higher than this you can damage the element or the floor surface.


What does my guarantee cover?

The full system guarantee will cover the replacement of the mat/floor and labour in the event the product is found to be faulty. This guarantee will be void if the warranty card has not been fully completed, as this is your guarantee the system was installed correctly.

Please refer to the After Sales section for further information on the Uponor guarantee.

What is the biggest room I can heat using 1 thermostat?

The biggest area you can serve from 1 thermostat is 23m². Anything larger than this will need either a relay box or additional thermostats.

Can i cross over cables?

No. in doing so you can run risk of burning out the cable all part of the heating element should be a minimum of 60mm apart to prevent future damage.


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