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Uponor Warranty

Be safe – how to receive the Uponor Declaration of Warranty:

Use the possibility to obtain an up to 10-year warranty for your building project on the used Uponor Comfort E cable mat heating mats.

The Uponor Declaration of Warranty is based on the confirmation that all Uponor products have been installed by an installation specialist in accordance with the relevant assembly instructions, in compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and the established rules of technology.

The easy way to the Uponor Declaration of Warranty

  • You are an installation specialist and you have installed the appropriate Uponor system for which the Uponor Declaration of Warranty is to be issued.
  • The products were installed no more than 3 month ago.
  • Request the registration form for the “Uponor Declaration of Warranty” and fill it out completely, as well as the “Uponor Comfort E Installation and Handover Protocol” of these Installation Instructions, including company stamp and signature. Send the documents by e-mail (warranty.comfort-e@uponor.com) to Uponor.
  • Within a few working days, you will receive the original Uponor Declaration of Warranty.

If Uponor products are assembled or mixed with third-party products within an installation, no Uponor Declaration of Warranty can be issued or it will lose its validity in retrospect.

Aluminium Mat Warranty Cable Mat Warranty

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